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Global Health Pharma Unit
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Global Health


Within Global Health we specifically focus on diseases that predominantly affect low- and lower middle-income countries, with projects targeting infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, enteric diseases and neglected tropical diseases.

[For Tafenoquine - Last updated October 2022]

In Malaria our key areas of interest are

•   Tafenoquine for radical cure of P. vivax malaria
•   G6PD diagnostic and treatment with Tafenoquine in patients with P. vivax malaria.
•   Use of Tafenoquine with Chloroquine
•   Tafenoquine effectiveness in patients with P.vivax malaria.
•   PK/PD study in patients with P.vivax malaria.
•   Comparative study of Tafenoquine vs Primaquine.
•   Healthcare resource use and direct cost to the healthcare system including
-the economic impact of labour force participation and absenteeism due to Vivax
-the economic impact of cure.

GSK are more likely to support studies aligned to our current areas of interest when they are innovative and contribute to scientific knowledge relating to a product, a medical condition or advancing a technology. GSK Global Health encourages submissions throughout the year.

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