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Global Health Pharma Unit
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Global Health


Please find below some of the current areas of interest for Global Health.

[Areas of Interest]
• Tafenoquine for radical cure of P. vivax malaria in ≥ 16 yrs.
• G6PD diagnostic and treatment with TQ in patients with P. vivax malaria.
• Use of Tafenoquine with Chloroquine
• Tafenoquine effectiveness in patients with P.vivax malaria.
• PK/PD study in patients with P.vivax malaria.
• Comparative study of TQ vs PQ.
• Health outcomes and economic research/ Health economic study.

Although GSK are more likely to support studies aligned to our current areas of interest for supported studies, we are interested in supporting studies that are innovative and contribute to scientific knowledge relating to a product, a medical condition or advancing a technology.

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